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Volvo Service and Repair

Dougherty Services All Volvo Vehicles

Dougherty services all Volvo vehiclesWith over 35 years experience repairing Volvos, Dougherty Automotive has built a reputation for Volvo service and repair that is second to none. Whether you need an engine rebuild for a 1963 P-1800 or a tune up on a new C-70 coupe or XC-90 SUV, our ASE certified and master technicians know how to get the job done. In addition to their certification, Bosch training provides our technicians with a background that few independent repair facilities can hope to match. Experience cannot be underestimated in the auto service industry, and Dougherty Automotive is proud of the years that we’ve been involved with Volvo automobiles.

Volvo quality and chassis structural integrity are legend. There probably isn’t a person who doesn’t know the reputation of these Swedish icons. To survive in their native country, they must be built to last and they do! Their U. S. sales campaign is built around Volvo’s outstanding safety and longevity record. It has taken other manufacturers until recently to incorporate some of the safety features that Volvo pioneered and has been using for decades. The value of these features cannot be measured, and the peace of mind regarding your family’s safety is most comforting.

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