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Porsche Track Service

Dougherty Services Porsche Track Cars

Is your Porsche not meant for racing? Check out our Porsche Service and Repair

Dougherty Automotive services Porsche Track carsPorsche owners have always been performance minded and many over the years have participated in driving events, which run the gamut from autocross to road racing at the amateur and professional level testing their and their cars’ limits. During the late 1960s, the Porsche Club began organizing events known as “drivers’ education, a.k.a. “track events”, providing owners the opportunity to develop their driving skills at speed in a controlled atmosphere with minimal risk. The popularity of these events has grown immensely and the level of car preparation has changed dramatically. Additionally, in the early 90s, the Porsche Club of America established the Porsche Club Racing program, which currently involves over 1800 licensed drivers. Over the years, the competition has become quite fierce, and car preparation has escalated to keep pace. Dougherty Automotive quickly recognized this growing trend and began a program to serve this market. As the level of competition continued to push the envelope, Dougherty Automotive stepped up to the challenge and established itself as the “Track car specialist”! Enthusiasts soon realized that if they wanted to run at the top of the pack, they had to have a Dougherty prepared car.

The race car preparation shop at Dougherty Automotive has grown to become one of the most respected and successful Porsche facilities in the Northeast. Our customers have been successfully campaigning Dougherty prepared cars in PCA Club Racing and at high speed track events for many years.

Because Dougherty Automotive is a custom preparation shop, they can tailor a car to your specifications. Whether you are interested in only a “trick” alignment for the street or a full blown race car construction, the technicians at Dougherty Automotive can make it happen. The Dougherty crew’s reputation for design, construction, set-up, and podium finishes for cars “built in West Chester” has become legendary. If winning is your goal, then a Dougherty built and maintained car should be in your vehicle of choice!

Our fabricators are capable of designing and constructing anything from the simplest bracket to the most complex rollcage. Our technicians, some of who have served on the crew of championship-winning teams, are capable of extracting every ounce of performance from your engine or suspension.

Our services include the following:

  1. Engine
  2. Suspension
  3. Transmission
  4. Brakes
  5. Safety Systems
  6. Body and aerodynamic work
  7. Wheels and tires
  8. Fabrication and design

Trackside Services

If you enjoy driving at the track, but are not able or interested in doing your mechanical work while there, you should consider Dougherty Automotive Trackside Service program. This service can be custom tailored to your needs and be as comprehensive as you specify. We have full selection of services available in this program and, as always, the highly qualified Dougherty technicians will take a personal interest in you and your vehicle.

1. Trackside Support

This program is designed to provide mechanical assistance at the track during Driver Education days or Club Racing weekends. Dougherty Automotive technicians are available for trouble shooting, mechanical work, repair, and information acquisition. You decide how comprehensive you want the program to be and we will provide the necessary assistance. Ideal opportunity to get maximum track time with a well-prepared car in a relaxed atmosphere. Imagine coming in from a demanding run session, parking the car and relaxing while someone else readies the car for the next session!

Let the Dougherty Automotive Trackside service program provide you the luxury of relaxing and concentrating on your driving without the worry of car maintenance.

2. Arrive and Drive

Let your “Walter Mitty” alter ego finally be satisfied. Have you ever wished that you were a professional driver who arrives at the track, puts on his/her driving suit, straps in and drives? Let Dougherty Automotive’s Arrive and Drive program make your dream come true! We will prepare your car at our West Chester facility, transport it to the track, and handle all maintenance at the track. This program is the ultimate for those whose schedule allows only enough time for the event. No longer will you have to miss a race because of scheduling conflicts. The flexibility of our program allows you to take advantage of any aspect of the Arrive and Drive to work to your advantage.

3. Driving Instruction

Once your car is set up to maximize its potential, the next area that you might want to consider “tuning up” is your driving. There isn’t one of us that can’t use a little “expert” advice to hone his/her technique. Dougherty Automotive’s Driving Instruction program provides the opportunity to have one of their personnel ride with you to coach you on the finer points of high performance driving. Instruction is provided by people whose experience spans all aspects of competition, have been involved in professional driving schools, and repeatedly set FTD times and won their class at Club Races. Driving instruction is tailored to the individual regardless of experience level. Whether it is your first time on the track or you are trying to squeeze out the last tenth of a second at a particular track, a Dougherty instructor sitting next to you can make it happen. Schedule your day in the Driving Instruction program at the next drivers’ ed. day, Club Race weekend, or on a private track rental day.

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