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GIAC - Software upgrade leader for Audi, BMW, Porsche and VW cars

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Dougherty Automotive is a GIAC Authorized Retailer

GIAC is a software engineering company with over 25 years of experience tuning cars and a reputation for creating “factory smooth” performance software with exceptional power and reliability. GIAC programming replaces the mapping in your vehicle’s engine and transmission computers to improve horsepower, torque, acceleration and responsiveness. GIAC stands out in the tuning field, because we are more than just calibrators. GIAC is a computer engineering firm, with expertise in assembly code, high level programming and circuit design. While most “tuners” can only add and subtract from existing tables in the Engine Control Unit, GIAC has the ability to completely understand and even modify the functionality of an ECU at the code level, allowing for more complete calibrations.

Over the last quarter century, GIAC has developed a wide range of performance calibrations and custom race team tuning for many European cars.

    GIAC offers performance tunes for:

  • Most Audi ®, Porsche ®, and Volkswagen ® cars with models years from 1996 to present.
  • All BMW ® E Series with N54 motors and F series cars with N20, N26, N55, and S55 motors.
  • All Bentley ® Contintental ® and Flying Spur ® W12 motors from 2003 – 2012 and V8 motors from 2013 – 2019.
Dougherty Automotive Services, GIAC’s Authorized Retailer for West Chester since 2022, is well equipped to install and support any of GIAC’s broad range of engine or transmission tuning products. Contact them today to find out more about what a GIAC performance tune can do for your Audi ®, BMW ®, Bentley ®, Porsche ®, or VW ®.
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