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Audi Service and Repair

Dougherty Services All Audi Vehicles

Dougherty services Audi vehiclesOver the years, the reputation of Audi car quality and dependability has become legendary. One only has to look at the number of “older” cars of Teutonic heritage that are driven on a regular basis to appreciate this. When owner Bill Dougherty decided to expand their business, he made the conscious decision to service select German cars like Audis knowing that, when properly maintained, they reward their owners with years of service well after others have fallen into irreversible disrepair. As our reputation has also been built on quality and dependability, the association is a perfect match, ensuring customers an excellent alternative to Audi dealer service.

Dougherty Automotive provides complete Audi services and repairs which eliminates the need to travel from one facility to another to complete your service requirements. Our ability to diagnose engine problems, replace timing belts, mount and balance tires, perform wheel alignments, service air-conditioners, etc. in addition to full range mechanical repairs makes Dougherty Automotive a true “one-stop” service facility for your Audi. The added convenience of a “loaner” car, while your Audi is being serviced, demonstrates Dougherty Automotive’s desire for your Audi auto repair to be as pleasant as possible.

Dougherty Automotive management and technicians stay abreast of the latest information and service methods for the newest Audi models assuring that service on your Audi will be carried out in the most efficient and timely manner. As a full service facility, we are able to perform routine maintenance, diagnostic work, or ancillary system repair on all Audi vehicles. We source genuine and OE repair parts quickly to avoid unnecessary down-time. Our status as an Bosch Car Service Center ensures that we have the latest diagnostic equipment and specifications for your car eliminating the “part substitution” technique employed by other non-authorized service facilities. This allows us to correctly identify the problem and effect the solution quickly to get you up-and-running without delay.

When your German car comes up for service we hope that you will make Dougherty Automotive your service facility of choice. We are confident that our service will not only meet, but exceed, your expectations.

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